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I’m a dancing, karaoke-singing foodie who loves happy hours and travel.  I am also a Women’s Empowerment Speaker, Leadership Facilitator and #1 International Best-Selling Author of The Art of Unlearning: Conscious Choices for Empowered Living.

I’ve been in your shoes before. 

There are too many occasions to count where I was leading a team, a project or even my household and had no clue how to approach those critical turning point conversations.
These encounters had me at a crossroads with my boss, my employee, a desired employer, my team, a customer, or even a client.  I tried to figure out how (pre- and post-google) what to say and how to say it without sounding like a complete failure.
What I finally realized was I needed to focus on changing the inner story that was causing my outer message to come across... well, not so pretty. 

I uncovered my story,
and discovered my voice.


I took note of all the leadership stories of my past that paved
the way to handle my career conversations.

I have found to be an effective leader; I didn’t need a title.  I needed critical experiences – stories that shape our leadership behavior – and used them alongside conversational framework.

I didn’t do this alone.

Early on in life, I stepped up and led myself – speaking out on childhood sex abuse, living a life on welfare, having my mom removed from the country and being over 4000 miles away from relatives.  But I couldn’t do this alone, I realized there was support around me.

I found family in friends, guidance in mentors and role models in leaders... all of whom passed their torch for me to carry on own journey.  The influencers in the industry helped to advance my career much faster and placed my professional path in a trajectory I never imagined.

Through trial and error I learned compassion, discernment and the power of choice.   I learned to operate within office politics and niceties, engage with executive presence and emotional intelligence, and put interpersonal relationships and hospitality first. 

As an industry influencer, I have helped hundreds of leaders crush their career conversations.

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With almost twenty years of human resources and talent development experience, I have day to day, firsthand experience in witnessing the “OH SH*T moment” when a crucial career conversation comes up.  

We worked together to strategize what to say and through experiential exercises, transformed uncertainty into self-confidence.


I’m the girl friend you want
to have in your career cross-body bag.


Now, my passion is to work with professional women, just like you, to take control of your careers through self-leadership, social awareness and service - one conversation at a time.   

The fun part?  Our time together doesn’t feel like going you’re headed for the HR (aka the “principal’s”) office.  
Laughs - and leveling up your leadership is my jam.