Unleash YOUR Soul Fueled Leader

Leadership is not just how others perceive you, it's how YOU perceive yourself.  Leadership starts from within.

There's a leader inside you that is ready to come out.  You know your voices NEEDS to be heard, and your ability to be a leader is INNATE.  You're looking for the answer to Unleash Your Leader. 

The answer is you!

Self-awareness is fundamental to leadership.  In this program, we focus on your inner voice, personal desires and elevate your leadership using your natural abilities.  Working with me will help you transform any self-doubt about your skills into achievements to be proud of!

This is a group-facilitated program where you're surrounded by other women leaders.   We create a circle of support to encourage growth and promote personal accountability.


✔️ Elevated sense of personal confidence because you stepped out of your comfort zone, practiced in a safe supported environment and experienced transformational change.

✔️ Better relationships because you’ve applied program tools and resources to understand others, influence your decision and navigate through communication obstacles.

✔️ Ability to tap into team’s peak performance by using influential language they understand and relate to.

✔️ Greater certainty in your desired career or life path because we uncovered self-imposed obstacles, and removed judgement, doubt and fear.

✔️ Immediate impact because our exercises are streamlined and practical with long term results.  

I can’t believe the growth and awareness I’ve made.   Things that used to give me anxiety no longer do. The knowledge I gained from this program gave me the advantage on how best to communicate with different personalities effectively and concisely to deliver better results.  I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Jan for creating this awesome program and most of all for helping me jump into a career I love!  I am just where I dreamed of being and so thankful for her personal guidance.
V. Holt - Parker -  Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach
Janice encouraged me to take a personal development course which reminded me of my worth, my capabilities, and the possibilities. I came away with clarity and confidence about my career objectives and an action plan to get there. I felt that she was personally invested in my success and her outlook was always positive, yet realistic. I am now self-employed and creating MY schedules to fit MY life. I’ve achieved work-life balance as a result of having that courage to step out of my comfort zone.
A. Namocot -  CPA & Owner