Crush Your CRUCIAL Conversation

Communication is Key.  And the Key Lies In your Message.

You're in an esteemed leadership role and have a team full of potential. You need to provide feedback to someone who's not performing to your expectations.  You have a big idea you want to sell to your boss, but lack confidence to do so.   You're interviewing for the position of your dreams, but fear you'll bomb it.  What else?!

In a corporate world, poor handling of situations like these can lead to rattled relationships, poor performance and substandard service.  You want to avoid this, and need to know how.

It starts with a CONVERSATION. 

Allow me to be your ice-breaker.  Our conversation will help you discover your authentic style of communication to create your very own messaging strategy.  You'll experience transformation and walk away empowered and ready to CONTROL your conversations.

During our individual intensive session, we work one on one on a targeted scenario where you feel stuck.  The goal is to resolve the issue at hand by using conversational tools in a comfortable environment.  We build trust, and level the playing field, so that our conversation is effortless, allowing you to lead and guide our flow.

Janice identifies strengths, weaknesses, and patterns in my personal and professional life that allow me to better understand where I am and where I want to go.  I can always count on her to provide honest feedback, which she manages to deliver exquisitely without judgment and with wholehearted kindness.  I come away from our conversations feeling re-energized with greater clarity on how to approach situations with confidence and authenticity.
C. Iwamasa - Partner, Chang Iwamasa LLP
Jan first introduced me to the concept of a personal board of directors years ago when I was deciding on whether or not to make the jump from the corporate world to full blown entrepreneurship. It made so much sense- companies all across the globe have them, why wouldn't I utilize the same concept?! On my board Jan is the level headed, empowering cheerleader that inspires action, provides clarity, and gives an unbiased perspective. What I love about working with Jan is that she knows just the right questions to ask to open me up to my own answers, my own truths. Working with Jan helped me to take that entrepreneurial jump and she continues to be there for me as I navigate those waters- checking in on my progress, providing course correction when needed, or just giving me the extra boost of confidence I need to get unstuck and find the way forward.
C. Pe'a - Principal, Alaka'i Development